The last 24 months has been a very difficult financial period for
PGCA. You may remember the appeal we made in October,
2019, asking for people to either become a new member,
renew their existing membership and/or just make a financial donation to us to help our cash flow.

We were pleased to announce that the appeal raised over
£3,000 and proved to us that there was still a lot of goodwill
and sentiment towards the PGCA on this and nearby estates.
We thank everyone again for their help and generosity.
The membership monies that were taken, was on condition
that the membership period would not start till we re-opened
our doors to start trading again. That occurred on May 17,
2020 and after a few stutters, we started the membership
annual span on July 1, 2020 running through to June 30, 2021.
We now wish to re-align the membership year back to our club
fiscal year of March 1 to February 28. To do that, we are
asking people to renew or become members on July 1, 2022
through to February 28, 2023 for a reduced fee of only £3.00.
To enrol/renew memberships, please leave your name,
address and subscription money with our bar staff. Your
membership card(s) will then be processed and forwarded to you in due course.
Thank you

PGCA Committee July 20, 2022

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