AGM 4th November, 2021


Your latest update for the residents of Preston Grange and our surrounding areas.

November 2020

Last November 2020, we circulated and highlighted the extreme financial difficulties that PGCA was experiencing having shut down on March 19, 2020.

This effectively severed all revenue incomes and we needed an immediate cash injection. We asked all the residents to either renew their existing memberships (£5 pa/pp) or become a new member or just make £ donations.

Thank You

It was an impressive response with over £3,000 being raised. This allowed us to continue until we successfully qualified and secured several hospitality grants from NTC.

These grants were introduced to help businesses like ours, who could be fluctuating between opening/closing depending on the varying COV19 risk levels that our North Tyneside areas were being assessed at.

However, the financial response and correspondence that came with that appeal, showed us that the PGCA was still an important feature for our estate and that residents did not want to lose it.

The NTC grant(s) took us through to May 19, 2021 when we re-opened and have remained as such to present, albeit with a low, cautious, customer base.

Invitation to AGM

The purpose of this update is to invite all our members to our AGM for us to present our last financial trading year – March 1, 2020 to Feb 28, 2021 – which we have just received back from our accountants.

This is the first opportunity for our residents to confirm our earlier findings back to us.

The AGM will be held on Thurs, 4 November, doors open at  7.00pm, starting at 7.30pm    

Membership cards                   

If you renewed or became a new member last Nov, then your membership card will be delivered with this newsletter. To become a new member now, then PGCA is open on a Friday and Sunday evenings for you to pop in, sample our Bar Facilities and leave your details.

Alternatively, you can drop the same details and fees off at our Treasurers home at 5, Pevensey Close (off Sandwich Road). The final option would be to become a member on the AGM night. All memberships monies go towards the upkeep and well-being of PGCA.

Also, the AGM is traditionally the opportunity for existing Trustees to stand down and newcomers are able to refill their vacancies left. At present, however, the Trustees numbers are depleted, which leaves several additional opportunities for new member volunteers to come forward on the night.

Hoping to see you all on the AGM evening when we can give you all a warm welcome and on production of your membership card, the offer of a free drink of your choosing.

We look forward to seeing you all on the night.

                                                                          The Trustees

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